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Kripa, Director

Creating Winning Designs and Customer Experiences


  • Building and leading teams that outperform
  • Developing a panoramic product portfolio
    SUVs, pickup trucks, SCVs, trucks, construction equipment, tractors, Last Mile Mobility
  • Co-creating with a rich network of partners
  • Creating and maintaining a state-of-the-art studio
  • Best practices for design: quality, time, and cost delivery


  • Creation of excellence in customer experience
  • Sharp differentiation & brand transformation
  • Futuring: a disruptive portfolio of Category Creating Concepts
  • Crunched product development time
  • Built volumes through creation of 14 new products in 6 years
  • Led a prolific inhouse team
  • Transformation of Design Quality in 2 phases over 6 years


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Automobile Design Studio | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 2015

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